About us

Shortly about company

We are a system integrator and want to be the leader in the field of intelligent automation in Canada.

The main activity of the company is to provide services for the design, installation and configuration of an intelligent home systems, creation of BMS systems (building management system) as well as creation of a unique ecosphere for each of our clients with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) run proprietary engine.

We are looking forward to further innovation by implementing products developed with the use of the company’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence engine, which allows the system to learn user’s behavior and set parameters of the smart home controller according to preferences learned from the user’s behavior.  

Our AI-run software shall collect data, conduct behavioral analysis of each specific identified by the system user and would automatically tune the system according to such specific user’s preferences – making it unique and a pioneer on the market of comprehensive smart home AI-run integrated systems.

There are companies on the market with simpler systems, designed either for general voice recognition, or video surveillance etc. Such systems also fail to fully integrate and harness capacity of AI integration in all of the system’s peripheral parts.

Our team

People who makes magic 🙂

Marat Mukhamejanov

Founder, CEO

Leader of team, strategical planner

Duman Tergemes

Technical Director

Handyman, techno guy

Samat Latfulla

Sales dpt. head

Public Relationship, sales

Akhmed Baikhojayev


Microcomputers,  web

Alexander Zakharov


Best friend of the machines & Linux

Turar Ayup


Master of CADs, draw anything!

Alik Akhmetov

Sales Manager

Seller, trouble-shooter

Moscow Branch

Anna Lyazgina

Ilyas Makhambetov

Dubai Branch

Nada J-Sale

Mohammed Jassem


Since 2017

Company established

First steps in automation

We organized a laboratory in Almaty and started assembling a 3D printer under management of the microcontroller Arduino, and then there was a laser cutter for plywood, a smart mirror, an interactive coffee table. The most inspiring experience for us was the assembly and debugging of a smart mirror running Pine 64 and Raspberry Pi Single-board Computers (SBC). After that we studied different protocols of Smart Home, created the websites, did marketing researches and promotion. We spent thousand hours to gain recources for working capital, equipment, training courses, marketing, salary and for rent office. 


Moscow, Dubai offices

Company grows

Our company become the official dealer of Larnitech GmbH, HDL, Coolautomation, partner of the KNX association; provides installation and support services for the above systems and Johnson Controls.

These two years was amazing, we open two offices: Moscow, Russia and Dubai, UAE.


Became a manufacturer

Own AI smart home controller

Currently we are working on our own smart home controller using elements of artificial intelligence & machine learning. Our controller will support all main data transfer protocols, have the simple user interface.


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