Artificial Intelligence run engine


The AI-managed smart home software shall provide our clients with the state of the art home management controller which will take care of most of your needs, including security and efficiency. Moreover, our technology is completely autonomous, does not require constant connection to cloud. The user can connect to the system from its computer or cell phone, with no additional hassle involved.

Artificial Intelligence run engine


Security is a pivotal aspect of a smart home infrastructure. Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics have become standard and have redefined the rules and expectations to video security surveillance systems. Our security cameras from leading world manufacturers provide the top image quality (1080p), which allows the video surveillance holder access the highest available in the industry face recognition precision and not only depict a silhouete of an object or a person detected on the footage. Such video quality and precision would allow the user identify a person saved in the camera’s software from a recording and forward a footage to the user or be useful for home security services or police. In addition to outstanding face recognition capability, our security systems possess powerful natural speech recognition which would allow the system recognize the person in the house and notify the centralized module controlling other smart home systems as to who is the user.

Artificial Intelligence run engine


We are offering a unique product also from a privacy protection perspective. While such alternatives systems like Amazon Echo or Google Home constantly require internet connection to perform, continuous dependence on internet connection creates a risk that phishing activity can take place. Alexa or Cortana are equipped with capability to access passwords and do a scan of one’s confidential information which is a threat to user’s privacy.

To countervail our clients’ privacy issues, the system shall be run on its own decentralized hardware which will ensure that confidential information of the user is not stored on cloud, cannot be recorded and accessed by anyone else who could possibly get access to the user’s information stored on the cloud. This decentralized structure will allow data to be processed locally, thus allowing its users to control their data without letting it outside and therefore better mitigating any inherent privacy hazards.

Artificial Intelligence run engine


We are also in the process of completing development of our proprietary AI engine which, while having embedded face and natural voice recognition of the household users, can also learn behavior of each individual user. Having recognized through the smart security system an individual in the house, the system will learn and accumulate data consisting of user’s behavior, choices, needs, preferences etc. Having analyzed and compiled the user’s behavioral profile with his/her preferences, the system will be able to automatically adjust the smart house ancillary systems to accommodate the specific user’s behavioral profile as to what the user may want/prefer at a specific point of time. For instance, if during winter month, user likes to have the indoor thermostat temperature set at 23 Celsius, during the day and at 20 Celsius during the night, or have dimmed light while turning on a TV set during the evening, the smart AI-run module shall have ability to make these changes according to the user’s regular preferences.