We provide a complete set of services for home security and automatization. Equipped with the state of the art artificial intelligence functionality, we create a truly smart home, capable of responding to routine and continuous learning of the user(s)’ preferences.

GI Smart Advantage:

  • An innovative single-board Computer (SBC) with unique software and mobile application allows the user to combine different technologies and protocols of the Internet of Things (IoT) in one device to get the most individual set of smart home capabilities for customers. For instance, a user can purchase different products from different produces, like IKEA, MIELE etc. and have them combined and used simultaneously.
  • Face recognition capacity of our video surveillance system integrated with the SBS and AI-run engine allows the system recognize and match the user’s identity to the saved in the system data and adopt to the user’s preferences;
  • Voice recognition feature will enable the system to recognize user’s voice and commands;
  • Ability to check if user’s children returned home safe, get video alert on who arrived where and when; plus, alerts on smoke, motion, and high temperature;
  • Live feed from cameras inside the house accessible from anywhere where in the world, anytime.
  • System’s continuous learning capacity with improved response enables the system to evolve with the user and his/her preferences continuously;
  • Finally, our company brings proven business success record of our global offices located in Moscow and Dubai to our Canadian customers.


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Design and installation

We provide a range of services for the design and installation of electrical and low-current networks.

Integration of external equipment

Home theater, multiroom, video surveillance, alarm system, access control system and others can be easily integrated into the overall automation and smart city or smart home control system, which allows them to interact effectively.

We work on the best equipment

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